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Inspired by the Founders’ homeland, Bamboo Spa Limited is the first Filipino-owned massage spa in New Zealand. Established in October 2016, the Company pioneered its first branch in Auckland and in just less than a year its second branch in Christchurch which opened June 2017. Recently, we have opened our 1st Franchise Branch in Onehunga on February 2018. Since then, the Company upholds being the Home of Filipino Traditional Massage, commonly known in the Philippines as Hilot.  

Amacan Spa boasts it traditional hilot massage for all ages. Hilot has resurged as a popular healing art converging scientific and natural laws. For almost 4 years now, Amacan Spa has become your most affordable relaxation place in the City--- Massaging you in 2 locations-- Tiniguiban Heights and Rizal Avenue."

awaken your inner beauty and health from within today and enjoy a whole new vigor for life.

We can also cater for special events such as bridal parties, baby showers, corporate massages. Please inquire for pricing. Please note: We offer Professional Relaxation Massage. we DO NOT offer Sexual/Sensual Services.

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